Why Fiber?
Warranty, Design, installation and Manufacturing Technology. All reasons to have a great swimming pool for your family. Over 20 years of innovation have resulted in the creation of the world's best fiberglass swimming pool shell. Our proprietary gel coat and laminate construction ensures our inground pools withstand all climate conditions and soil types in any location worldwide.
25 years structural warrant
Fiberglass pool manufacturing
Fiberglass pool factory
Build with absolute confidence
Superior design and engineering with sustainable use of high quality materials
Sturdy yet light multi-layered chopped fiberglass structure
Strength and flexibility on the corners provided by woven roving layer
Vinyl ester resin for blister resistance
Non-abrasive gel coat surface with no sharp edges
Smooth and even pool finish secured by highest mould treatment standards
Fiberglass pool layers

Our pools have
International Quality Certification

Fiber pools have been tested and approved in the following areas:

• strain • flexibility • hardness • impact
• discoloration and chemical resistance.

Fiber pools ICC Certificate
Fiberglass pool layers